Keynote speaking engagements for all types clients including Corporate Gatherings and Celebrations, Association Conferences, Industry Conferences, and Executive Retreats. Training topics range from leadership development, social issues, mediation/conflict resolution, mandated training such as sexual harassment and discrimination, and organizational corporate culture change.

KEYNOTE Speaking

SPARS (Solving Problems and Reaching Solutions)

Coaching Leadership & Team Building

Understanding Generation Differences – Employee/Customer Relations

Respectful Workplace – Meets California sexual harassment requirements for business AB 1825

Conference Adviser/Meeting Planner

City Development Training

Crisis Media Management

Fact vs. Meaning – Inspirational & Humorous Keynote to why we are motivated to succeed

Comprehensive and Strategic Safety Planning for Schools, Districts & Churches

Keynote Speaking

Rex Osborn is available for keynote speaking engagements for all types of management-related events including Corporate Gatherings and Celebrations, Association Conferences, Sales Meetings, Industry Conferences, and Executive Retreats.

Mind the Bridges

“Mind The Bridges: Understanding Generational Differences”
Especially useful for Marketing / Human Relations/Customer Relations organizations – Customer Service

Crisis Media Management

“SOS: Media Intervention”
Planned media management
Communication Planning & Training


Employee Mediation

Conflict Resolution

Customer Service/Employee Ethics

Employees, managers, and citizens all have different opinions on what customer service is and how they think we are doing. We look at “legendary service” as the backbone to a good reputation.

Conference Advisor/Meeting Planner

Services can include discussions from event topic determination, audience development, and speaker & trainer profiles. An emphasis is made on site logistics.

Respectful Workplace

“Humor in the Workplace”
Entertaining, but with a serious message

“Sexual Harassment”
Meets California sexual harassment requirements for business

SPARS (Solving Problems and Reaching Solutions)

Keenly organized, facilitated group and break out discussions uncover the REAL issues. These are the hidden problems that plague and dissemble many organizations. Brain storming sessions and process driven tools focus the group to provide their OWN creative solutions to the problem. For business organizations and schools.

BWRexGROWing as a Leader: Is It a Risk You Are Willing To Take?

What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail? As human beings and leaders, our survival depends on our ability to adapt, grow, and transform ourselves and our agencies to meet the ever-changing demands of the world we serve. Being willing to develop and grow is a risk – it requires self-reflection, a willingness to challenge yourself, your worldviews, and challenge others. It means not accepting the status quo. For effective leaders, such growth and risk is not an option – it is a requirement. In this session, we will explore and build skills in the basic elements that are critical to deepening our courage to act, growing as leaders, and turning visions into realities. We will deepen our understanding of what it means as a leader to “Gain Knowledge”, “Reach Out”, “Look Outward” and obtain “Wisdom” – thus “GROW”. We will explore what each of these components means, gain insight into our own Leadership Point of View, how that manifests as leadership behavior, and gain skills in articulating and demonstrating it to others. We will also look at how our Leadership Point of View aligns with our core personal values and the values of our organization and its culture, and create plans for GROWing ourselves and others in our organizations and lives.